It all starts with a site meeting. Fiona will come to your home or office, listen to your thoughts and ideas, interpret your brief and work with you to execute your project. Whether it is consulting on a new build, renovation or simply decorating a single room…Fiona can help.

    if you are building a new home or planning a renovation, one of the most important decisions that you will make is choosing the exterior colours and finishes…a first and lasting impression.

    Interiors can influence the way you live and work…they reflect your style, personality and lifestyle.

    When choosing colour for a room there are many factors you need to consider…architecture, purpose, light, shape and direction of a room or space. Whether you are adding or subtracting colour, playing with solid blocks or pale washes of pigment…you can use colour to create a sense of style and appeal.

    Paint, wallpaper, tiles, stone or cladding will add texture and colour to your interior…completely transforming your space.

    Whether you are sourcing carpet, timber, laminate, tiles or natural stone your flooring selection is a key design element in any interior. Choosing the right flooring is important in terms of comfort, appearance, warmth and function.

    Space planning is the core of interior design. The space you inhabit represent who you are, your personality and your lifestyle. Good planning helps to create the desired work flow and atmosphere in your home or office according to your needs and requirements.

    New products are always being introduced to the market…our extensive library and knowledge can offer you information and product solutions.

    Choosing the right style of window treatment is an effective way to create a strong visual statement or soften the mood in your room. Whether conventionally beautiful or simply practical, every window has a unique character that is integral to the architectural style and interior design of the space.

    Soft furnishings are important in forming a distinctive character for your home or workspace...the addition of sumptuous fabrics, linen, upholstery, comforters, towels and cushions soften and enhance your interior.

    Selecting the right furniture is more than falling in love with its beauty...style and quality should be reflected in the piece of furniture that you choose. Simple palettes, sturdy materials and comfortable upholstery in timeless silhouettes will help you express your style for now and years to come.

    It may be worth reupholstering your old sofa or occasional chair if you still love the shape and comfort, doesn’t appear to have any structural problems and it fits the room perfectly.

    The right lighting in your room will create a mood and bring out the full depth of the space. Light can reinforce a rooms structure…whether you are selecting recessed down-lights, feature lighting, table lamps or candle light for a touch of drama.
  • RUGS

    A beautiful rug can define and anchor a space, introduce a pop of colour, texture or pattern, while adding warmth and helping to layer your room’s design.

    Collections and decorative pieces can truly personalise your space…they soften and individualise your room adding personality and balance.

    Art selection is an important part of decorating your home or work space. You can use it to set a mood, add an accent or simply because you like it. Artwork can add a finishing touch to a space or it can be the inspiration for a design.

    Tracys Interior Design can manage your project from the initial design to the final installation…will deliver on time and within the agreed budget.
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