A Word from Fiona

Currently I am working with Max and Alan on their new beachfront residence at Omaha.

2 years ago I worked on the refurbishment of their home in Remuera and last year on their Villa in Epsom.

Max | Beachfront Residence Omaha

Previous design experiences had left me disappointed and resentful at having paid for help and feeling like what I got was not well thought out or what I wanted. That certainly put Alan off going through a designer again and he needed some persuading that this experience would be different and worth doing.

My favourite part of the design process has been knowing that I’m going to like the finished product. I’m not a detail person, I’m not good at logistics and I like knowing that someone that I trust is taking care of all that for me and I can just walk in and voila, there’s the finished product and it doesn’t look like I’ve done it.

I have recommended your services and I have said that: you have very good taste and I trust you; you listen to what I want and make that work so it looks good; you cope when I don’t like something and you pause and come up with an alternative rather than trying to coerce me into agreeing; you have a good eye for detail and are good at working out potential issues and solving them; and I can turn my brain off because I know you are in control.

A Word from fiona

I recently worked with Russ on his new apartment at the Stamford Residences...a very special city retreat...previously we had worked together on his coastal property.


Russell | Stamford Residence

There was never any concerns working with Fiona. I was very confident in Fiona's ability to carry out my instructions to my satisfaction and to ensure that I was completely satisfied with the finished result.

I was always reassured with Fiona and her choice of product and colour selection and for giving me a good choice. We worked together and always came up with something special.

I have personally known Fiona for over 25 years,over this period of time Fiona has made herself available to assist me with my various projects, the most recent my new apartment in Stamford Residences where she supervised the project from start to finish. The comments from everyone has been wow.

I spoke to management at the Stamford with my recommendations to engage Fiona for any residents work in the future.

A Word from fiona

Over the last number of years I have had the pleasure of working with Kathie and John helping them to create their family home in Epsom.

Kathy & John | Epsom Residence

Previously I had a negative experience with a designer. In that case I was floundering and was wanting and expecting to have some direction. Instead we got bogged down in detail. I ended up spending a lot of time going around in circles and then physically having to visit different wholesalers with her and in the end chose things just to get the exercise over and done with. I was never totally happy with the result.

When working with Fiona I love the whole process - from the initial chat about the direction and the ‘dream’; through the presentations - especially seeing the whole picture come together with paint, fabric, flooring etc; right to the finished result. However, because I am confident that Fiona will intuit the kind of thing we want without our having to discuss it laboriously, my favourite part is the presentation. I am always excited to see how Fiona will translate a vague instruction, wish or idea into something where you sigh to yourself “yes, that’s exactly what I wanted!”

Fiona is a true professional. She really listens and she ‘gets’ us. She remembers what we like - e.g., I love fabrics and textures - and what we don’t like - my husband has an aversion to green. She is realistic about budget. We have worked with her on varying projects where the price points have ranged from top end to budget and each time she has given us an impeccable result – understated and elegant – without sacrificing quality. She has worked with other family members who have quite different tastes and, again, the outcome was brilliant. When, as sometimes happens, things have gone awry, Fiona is a calm and reassuring problem solver.

A Word from fiona

Over the years I have worked with Steve and Michelle on a number of projects including three homes that they have purchased and their business premises. Most recently we have worked together on their apartment in Parnell.  

Steve & Michelle | Parnell Apartment

Having never worked with an interior designer it was with immense pleasure that I met Fiona. From the very start she made our very first project a success for us. There were times that on looking at some of the designs Fiona had put together they certainly pushed some of our boundaries but eventually those things became my favourite things about our home. I would never hesitate to ring Fiona, she always makes the time to talk things through and at the conclusion of a project it feels a bit disappointing not having her around anymore. We look forward to working with Fiona again in the future.

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